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Ettammen is interactive mobile App to help COVID-19 prevention .

Ettammen .. A mobile application that works as a personal assistant for personal protection from the COVID-19 infection, the application mainly relies on identifying the user lifestyle such as age group, nature of work … etc through this information the application can provide special advice to the user
The application also provides the latest updates related to the spread of the disease around the world, especially in the user’s country
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The idea of ​​Ettammen comes from the importance of the role that technology plays in healthcare in terms of prevention and treatment. The idea is mainly based on presenting a user-friendly tool to help prevent disease in a specialized and consistent way with the user’s life style. A set of algorithms have been built that can identify the notifications best suited to each individual user. Building on the widespread use of smartphones, which have become an essential part of the daily life of individuals and societies. Health-related applications have become a necessity of life, especially with changes in disease development. The number of internet users through phones in Egypt reached 34 million users in 2018, as stated in the report issued by the Ministry of Communications, and this number is constantly increasing due to the tremendous technological development in the world of communications and the growth of this sector across the Republic

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Patient Connectivity

Virtual care platform where doctors can establish their online practices and manage their patients remotely: through Video call, voice call, chat

Data management

Electronic medical record (EMR) E-prescription

Control and admin

Customize branding, session duration , fees, Time availability and revenue cycle management

Revenue booster

  • An additional revenue generating tool
  • Broadcast promotion with one click for free
  • Recruit new patient through trusted word of mouth
  • Get your current clients engaged and keep their loyalty in this competitive market

Go digital

  • Take the advantage of digital transformation movement happening in healthcare and boost your digital capabilities
  • Automate processes and keep high performance
  • Reduce workforce cost and keep your clinicians focused on patient care
  • Build your digital brand and identity with your clients and patients
  • Connect your social media channels with your workflow and enhance visibility

Revenue booster

  • Keep your patients engaged through health education Daily Challenges (Games)
  • More loyal patients – daily challenges with rewarding system
  • Give your patients the best ever experience through ease of access to your services


Public portal for patient to request laboratory tests and radiology services at home.


Provide highest quality of care with focus on patient satisfaction and patient empowerment to control their health


Experienced multidisciplinary team to address all clients issues related to service delivery, payments, image respond